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體育精神的本質 - 磨鍊堅強意志,培養良好品德





Protests and appeals (抗議與上訴)
Against a decision of the Referee (對主裁判某一裁決所做的抗議與上訴。)
1 No appeal can be made against the decision of the Referee regarding a point of fact, except as permitted in o.105 and t.60-t.63 for video refereeing (cf. t.136.1/2, t.137.2). (對主裁判已經作出的任何裁決,不能提出抗議。)

2 If a fencer infringes this principle, casting doubt on the decision of the Referee on a point of fact during the bout, he will be penalised according to the rules (cf. t.158-162, t.165, t.170). But if the Referee is ignorant of or misunderstands a definite rule, or applies it in a manner contrary to the Rules, an appeal on this matter may be entertained. A point of fact includes, but is not limited to, any ruling by the referee analysing what happened on the piste, such as the validity or priority of a hit, whether a fencer left the side or end of the piste or if a person’s behaviour is a Group 3 or Group 4 offence. (如果一運動員違背這一原則,在比賽過程中對主裁判已作出的裁決持懷疑

This appeal must be made: (這一抗議應由以下人員提出:)
1 in individual events, by the fencer, (個人賽的運動員)
2 in team events, by the fencer or the team captain, it should be made courteously but without formality, and should be made verbally to the Referee immediately and before any decision is made regarding a subsequent hit.(團體賽的運動員或隊長。抗議無需任何程序,但必須在下一次擊中的裁決作出之前,立即口頭向主裁判有禮貌地提出。)

If the Referee maintains his opinion, the Refereeing Commission delegate or the Supervisor (if there is no delegate) has the authority to settle an appeal (cf. t.141). If such an appeal is deemed to be unjustified, the fencer will be penalised in accordance with Articles t.158-162, t.165, t.170.

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